Custom Designer

When you need full label creation capabilities to streamline your work and maximize your investment, Custom Designer is the app of choice. This premier label editing app includes all of the features of Custom Designer Lite, plus more barcodes, linked objects, label error checking, subscript/superscript, advanced editing tools and more. It also opens saved "graphics mode" files from LabelMark 5 and 6 without the need to convert.

  • Includes all features from Custom Designer Lite plus more
  • Works with all extensions for importing data, creating sequential labels and editing templates
  • Open any LabelMark 5 or 6 graphics mode file - no import needed!
  • Includes: Sequence, Excel Import, Template Editor
Release Notes
  • Barcode text set to display vertically would revert to horizontal when you changed the data.
  • Upon reopening a file containing a barcode that was created using Combine Fields and had free human readable text, the location of the human readable text would revert to below the barcode.
  • When printing a user-supplied graphic on a BradyPrinter i5300 printer with B33-37-486 labels, the graphic printed as a black box.
  • It was possible to get into a state where a date and time object was placed vertically with no way to make the date and time object horizontal.
  • If a label or template file contained an object with imported data and then you attempted to use Combine Fields with that object when the data source was not available, the software would quit unexpectedly.
  • The PR 600 Plus printer was missing from the list of printers.
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