Print Partner

Save time, reduce errors and establish label consistency with the Print Partner app. Non-editable fields keep label layouts and information safe, while users can easily enter data into variable fields and then print. This app works with both Brady Workstation and LabelMark templates.

  • Works with Brady Workstation and LabelMark templates
  • Limited data entry options help reduce errors
  • Import data and generate sequences with any of the data import or sequence extensions
  • Includes: Sequence, Excel Import
Release Notes
  • Barcode text set to display vertically would revert to horizontal when you changed the data.
  • Upon reopening a file containing a barcode that was created using Combine Fields and had free human readable text, the location of the human readable text would revert to below the barcode.
  • When printing a user-supplied graphic on a BradyPrinter i5300 printer with B33-37-486 labels, the graphic printed as a black box.
  • The PR 600 Plus printer was missing from the list of printers.
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