Data Automation

Save time and reduce errors with Data Automation. By automatically importing data onto a pre-defined label template and printing to a designated printer, this app allows label printing to seamlessly become a part of your daily processes. It runs in the background so you won't have to interrupt your work just to print a label.

  • Set up in just minutes, then forget it
  • Continue working in existing software - no new training and no learning curve
  • Save time and focus on other tasks while automated printing runs in the background
Release Notes
  • Usability improvements to channel setup, especially mapping fields.
  • A preview of the template is visible while mapping fields.
  • A preview of the data table is visible while mapping fields.
  • Drag and drop from the data table to the template to map fields.
  • Automatically map data columns to template objects with the same name.
  • Use multiple Brady Workstation templates for a single channel. The data file specifies which template to use for each record.
  • Microsoft Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) can be used as the data file, as well as text files (.txt, .csv).
  • Mapped network drive letters can be used when specifying file and folder locations.
  • A setting for default number of copies has been added to the printer setup.
  • Supports templates with counters, including counters in a combined field.
  • Supports new BradyPrinter S3700 and M511 printers.
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