Scan and Print

Streamline production labeling workflows using Scan and Print. Choose between three different modes to meet your production labeling need, including the use of a scanner, keyboard entry, or custom script.

  • Provides for simple workflows where each scan populates a single data field in your label
  • Includes an option to scan the name of a CSV file that provides your label data
  • Supports workflows leveraging custom scripts for advanced label process control
  • Setup as many workflows as you need
Release Notes
  • Improved user interface for data entry and settings when running workflows.
  • Supports templates containing combined fields. A combined field is comprised of data from two or more other fields.
  • Supports adding graphics from a file path specified either in the template or in the workflow.
  • The error log can be expanded so that you can see more of it at once.
  • When providing the name of the CSV file while running a CSV workflow, you can type just the filename without the .csv extension.
  • If you select a template designed for the M211 printer, the software instructs you to select a different template because the software cannot print to this printer.
  • Supports the BradyJet J2000 printer.
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