Pipemarker (US)

Complying with the ANSI/ASME 13.1 2007 pipe marking standard just got easier. The Pipemarker app allows you to create the customized pipe markers you need using predefined pipemarker templates. When finished, you can save them to use again when you want more. Still following the 1996 version of the standard? The app supports that too.

  • Pipe marker length set based on pipe diameter requirement
  • Common chemicals pre-populated with classification
  • Hundreds of graphics available, including arrows to indicate flow direction
Release Notes
  • Supports upcoming printers.
  • Improvements when selecting a graphic from the Categories list in the Graphics window.
  • Keyword search for graphics.
  • Filter list of graphics by regulatory agency or standard.
  • Some categories offer a filter. For example, the Hazardous Materials category can be further filtered by subcategories.
  • Hovering the pointer over an ISO graphic displays a tooltip showing the ISO code and keywords for the graphic.
  • Select “All Categories” to see the entire list of available graphics.
  • Some of the graphics looked distorted in the thumbnail image. All graphics are now shown in the correct proportions.
  • “Show color graphics” is on by default for full color and multi-color printers.
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