Pipemarker (Aus/NZ)

Now it's easy to comply with the Australian pipe marking standard AS-1345. Utilizing predefined templates and layouts, the Pipemarker (Aus/NS) app allows to you create customized pipe markers and print them in minutes.

  • Sets pipe marker size based on pipe diameter requirements
  • Includes common chemicals pre-populated with classification
  • Offers optional arrows to indicate flow direction
Release Notes
  • Supports upcoming printer.
  • Improvements when selecting a graphic from the Categories list in the Graphics window.
  • Keyword search for graphics.
  • Filter list of graphics by regulatory agency or standard.
  • Some categories offer a filter. For example, the Hazardous Materials category can be further filtered by subcategories.
  • Hovering the pointer over an ISO graphic displays a tooltip showing the ISO code and keywords for the graphic.
  • Select “All Categories” to see the entire list of available graphics.
  • Some of the graphics looked distorted in the thumbnail image. All graphics are now shown in the correct proportions.
  • “Show color graphics” is on by default for full color and multi-color printers.
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