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GHS Labels

Easily create the GHS labels you need, in any size at any time.




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Safety & Facility Identification Suite - Americas

Customize and create safety and facility signs and labels

Includes the following apps:

Complete, customized label creation and editing.

Custom Designer

Create labels based on simple or complex counters or sequences.


Easily import Excel data right onto your labels.

Excel Import

Create arrow tape labels with predefined templates to show pipe flow direction.

Arrow Tape

Create safety and facility signs in minutes with predefined templates and layouts.

Express Signs

Easily create ANSI/ASME compliant pipe markers using pre-defined templates.

Pipemarker (US)

Create NFPA compliant arc flash labels in a few clicks.

Arc Flash

Quickly create labels by filling in a template and printing.

Print Partner

Easily import data from sources beyond Excel onto your labels.

Advanced Import

Create templates with locked or editable elements for consistent label creation.

Template Editor

Design and print labels for gauges, gradient scales and more in support of visual workplace initiatives.

Lean Visuals

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