Custom Designer

Price: $99 (US)

When you need full label creation capabilities to streamline your work and maximize your investment, Custom Designer is the app of choice. This premier label editing app includes all of the features of Custom Designer Lite, plus more barcodes, linked objects, label error checking, subscript/superscript, advanced editing tools and more. It also opens saved "graphics mode" files from LabelMark 5 and 6 without the need to convert.

  • Includes all features from Custom Designer Lite plus more
  • Works with all extensions for importing data, creating sequential labels and editing templates
  • Open any LabelMark 5 or 6 graphics mode file - no import needed!
  • Includes: Sequence, Excel Import, Template Editor
Release Notes
  • Could not print to an IDXPERT™ printer, and some label supplies for the printer were missing.
  • In some cases when printing on a BBP® 37 printer, if a grouped object contained a text object, the software would erroneously display an error indicating that the ribbon did not have the required colors to print the label.
  • Asian characters were not supported in filenames for label files for the BradyPrinter™ M611 printer.
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