Print Partner

Save time, reduce errors and establish label consistency with the Print Partner app. Non-editable fields keep label layouts and information safe, while users can easily enter data into variable fields and then print. This app works with both Brady Workstation and LabelMark templates.

  • Works with Brady Workstation and LabelMark templates
  • Limited data entry options help reduce errors
  • Import data and generate sequences with any of the data import or sequence extensions
  • Includes: Sequence, Excel Import
Release Notes
  • Combined fields with serial data did not update correctly in DataMatrix barcodes when adding data in the editor (that is, for templates not set up with Prompt at print time).
  • Data entered in text fields set to Unique properties sometimes reverted to hint text or a previously entered value when entering data in the editor (template not set to Prompt at print time).
  • A combined field text object that was set to Bounded with AutoFit on, behaved as an unbounded text object (text wrapped).
  • On color printers, when selecting a single-color graphic, the software changed the graphic color as defined in the template, rather than using the actual graphic color.
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