Advanced Import

Price: $29 (US)

When you need data import capabilities beyond Excel, use the Advanced Import add-on module. It creates a separate label for each item in the source data imported from .CSV, .TXT, Excel, MS Access, OLE DB and SQL. In addition, you can filter and sort, edit your SQL query or select individual records to import. This module works with Custom Designer, Custom Designer Lite, Text Labels and Print Partner apps.

  • Supports a wide range of data source types
  • Filter and sort capabilities
  • Drag and drop data anywhere on your label
Release Notes
  • DataMatrix and QR codes created in an extension now appear square rather than elongated when imported into the label file.
  • DataMatrix barcodes appeared a different size on the label when importing from Microsoft Excel depending on whether or not the file was open in Excel at the time you imported the data.
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